About the Project

ICT - Institute of Clean Technologies for Mining and Utilization of Raw Materials for Energy Use
Project Leader:                              prof. Ing. Vladimir SLIVKA, CSc., Dr.h.c.
Project Budget:                              CZK 294,544 million (without VAT)
Period of Project Realization:       1.1.2011 – 31.12.2014

Project Objective
The main objective of the project is to create a unique centre (just one in the Czech Republic), which will preferentially deal with the research of problems in the area of extraction and utilization of energy resources and further exploitation of the geological environment, while ensuring the sustainable development and the requirement for maximum self-sufficiency in raw materials, which is becoming a key priority for the member states of the European Union. The unification of research activities of two organizations will enable to respond more effectively to problems and practical challenges coming from users in the economic sphere.
The goal of the research programme "Polyphase Geological Environment" is to obtain the knowledge about physical, chemical, isotopic, structural and mechanical properties of components of the environment by using modern instrumentation, which significantly increases the level of knowledge and the possibility of its generalization for given geological conditions by means of mathematical modelling. This information is a fundamental precondition for the design of environmentally friendly technologies in exploiting mineral resources.
The research programme "Environmentally friendly technologies" will address the problems of utilization of by-products for the implementation of non-waste technology in extracting mineral resources and the creation of conditions to minimize safety risks based on the knowledge of causal processes. Environmentally friendly extraction of mineral resources while minimizing safety risks represents under actual economic conditions a complex process that requires to solve the entire spectrum of specific issues as from the application of new knowledge on properties and behaviour of the geological environment through the development of new technologies of extraction and treatment of energy resources to their safety aspects and environmental impacts.
In the area of education, the main objectives are as follows:
  • transfer of high-quality research results into the educational process leading to a higher quality of university graduates;
  • education of young researchers, their involvement into junior research teams and their preparation for careers in industry or academic sphere.

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