Cooperation with Practice

The main goal of the Centre establishment is to address in a complex way the research of phenomena and processes of extraction, utilization of energy resources and other use of geological environments. The Centre will create a strong link between the research and users of the research, thus promoting rapid transfer of applied research results into theoretical training. It is clear that the main sources of earnings will come from national and international grants as for the research and as for the users from the applied research projects needful for the current and future practical use. The Centre will bring new technical equipment that will accelerate the transition to comprehensive research solutions. The breakthrough device of the instrumentation is the computer tomograph, which will together with traditional methods greatly improve the geomaterial research capabilities in interaction with the external environment. This device is the most expensive investment and its price exceeds as the only one a threshold of CZK 20 million.
The Centre project will promote the involvement of new young researchers into the work on individual projects. Those, who will bring good results, will also be remunerated above standard. This process should attract more and more young graduates into the research process. A prerequisite for good results is to implement active marketing both among potential users and expert public.
Motivation and performance orientation should provide more papers in impacted journals, followed by increasing scientific importance and perception of the Centre. These activities will lead to improved access to various national grants and thanks to the new instrumentation also to the implementation of international grant projects. Strong focus on current and potential users of research will ensure the sustainability of the project also after its completion. The project is designed so as neither a decrease in sales by up to 50 % of some partners disturbs its funding and sustainability. This means that the dependence on one partner is not essential and can be replaced by cooperation with other users of the research. This criterion is particularly important in times of crisis or structural changes that could affect the project sustainability in future.
By creating the Centre in the area of clean technologies for extraction and utilization of energy resources a strong regional partner will occur, which is still missing in this market.
  • public administration - (mainly the Czech Mining Authority),
  • other organizational units of the state - (e.g. SURAO),
  • mining companies - (e.g. OKD, a.s.),
  • companies engaged in underground construction - (e.g. Minova s.r.o.),
  • gas companies - (e.g. RWE),
  • producers of building materials, components and parts - (e.g. BEST, a.s., BETA, a.s., ŽPVS, a.s. - a member of the OHL Group),
  • firms carrying out repairs of concrete structures - (e.g. Firesta, a.s.),
  • companies engaged in energetics and energy products - (e.g. ČEZ energetické produkty, s.r.o., ČEZ, a.s., Dalkia Ostrava, a.s., České lupkové závody, a.s.)
  • companies engaged in the extraction and storage of hydrocarbons -  (e.g. RWE Gas Storage a.s., MND Gas Storage a.s., SPP Bohemia a.s., MND Production a.s., Česká naftařská s.r.o.)

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